Zooomie Zone

Zooomie Zone

Closed for Spring-Summer Season

Zooomie Zone is our new lure course that will be open throughout the cool months (weather and grounds permitting) for those dogs that love to run, run, run and chase, chase, chase! Dogs will follow/chase a faux lure around a series of pullies for the thrill of the chase. Don't worry they get to make the "catch" at the end with one of our stuffingless dog toys. Our new state-of-the-art machine is the updated model that dog whisperer Ceasar Milan uses for his own dogs! Lure coursing was invented for sight hounds, but many breeds enjoy it very much.

Zooomie Zone will be priced the same as Splash Zone to ensure "exchangability" based on the weather and can also be added to a boarding stay by adding the "activity package" (See Splash Zone and Boarding pages for more details on pricing).

Runs will consist of blocks of time during the day with dual runs during each session with a rest period in between each run. The machine can pull the lure upwards of 40mph, so we don't want to "over-run" your dog and risk injury. We adjust the speed for each dog's custom needs to give them just the

right amount of challenge while minimizing any risk of over-running.

Course designs will vary, but all will be mindful of sharp angled turns to help avoid injury during a run.