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Tricks For Treats - 2017

Schatzi and Winston dressed up and practiced their pretty sits to help us kick off the 

Howl-o-ween festivities.

Look below to see the woofs and wags that were had during our annual Tricks For Treats celebration!

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 Part 1 (keep scrolling for part 2)

Our take home treats are always a hit. Here they are in the making and completed ready to give out. Now for our stars!!! 

In order, the participants are: 

Anabelle, Cooper, Darcy, Finley, Ranger, Jose Gaspar, Katie, Hanna, Kya, Moose, Kona, 

Hershey & Shelby, Myles & Marley, Oreo

Cooper was excited to show off his favorite trick!

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Part 2!

Here are the rest of our participants! In order: Reba, Roddy, Schatzi and Winston, Ruby, Scout, Ruxin, Riley W., Taylor and Riley!