*Boarding - $40.00 per day (all breeds/size dogs)- (subject to change without notice)

15% discount per day for the 2nd and each subsequent dog from the same household

Important policy information - The last day of a boarding stay can not under any circumstances be considered a "daycare day". If dog is not picked up by 9am on last day of boarding there will be a charge for an additional boarding day regardless if the dog spends the night or not. There is no picking up and dropping back off as a daycare dog on the same day as the last day of boarding. Daycare rate will apply the next available daycare day after pickup from a boarding stay.

Kennel Bath (not a full grooming service - includes shampoo and conditioner) $10.00 - $30.00

Nail Trim $8.00

Ear Cleaning $5.00

Use of kennel food instead of owner-provided food (For emergency use only.) $3 per day/dog

Adding Activities package per day to boarding (Splash Zone, pool time, Zooomie Zone) $5 per day/dog

FREE for oral or topical medication dispensing up to 3 times a day

FREE per day for injectable medications such as insulin up to 3 times a day

FREE for unlimited group playtime

FREE for one-on-one playtime throughout the day (provided to EVERY guest)

FREE  Doggie Ice Cream if your pet comes for a boarding stay or 

a daycare day during their birthday month! 

See BOARDING for more information

See DOGGY DAYCARE for more information 

*NOTE (Days are counted by Calendar Days, not per 24 hours. i.e. January 1-4, 2018 = 4 days, regardless of check-in/check-out times)