FAQs (frequently asked questions)

What time are drop-offs and pick-ups? 

 We are "BY APPOINTMENT ONLY". We conduct our general business between the hours of 7am-6:30pm 6 days a week and appointments can be made during those times subject to availability. There are NO SUNDAY PICK-UPS OR DROP-OFFS. We do understand sometimes things get a bit off schedule, so a quick call or text letting us know that you're running behind is always appreciated to help us keep things running smoothly for everyone. Pick-up times to avoid being charged for an additional day are scheduled between 7am-9am. Anytime thereafter there is an additional day's fee added regardless if the dog stays another night or not. A dog can not under any circumstances be considered a daycare dog during a boarding stay, including the last day of their stay. There is no picking up and dropping back off as a daycare dog on the same day as a boarding checkout day. Daycare rate will apply after dog is picked up from boarding and brought back on the next available daycare day.

How much of the day is my pet kept in a crate/cage? 

Dogs are confined for a far shorter time here than any other traditional boarding kennel in Tampa Bay! We like to provide meals in either a separate room or crate to avoid conflicts such as food aggression and pets feeling as if they need to gulp their food to keep it away from other dogs. We keep them put up for approximately 30-40 minutes after each meal to avoid bloat  (A medical emergency that can effect any breed, but breeds with deep chest are most prone to it). To avoid injury to both humans and pets coming and going, most pets taking a break from the outdoor fun during the day are crated during peak drop-off and pick-up hours to avoid accidents such as a pet darting out of the front door or potentially hurting someone, as not all pets are good with strangers, children, other pets being protective of their parents, etc.. In addition many are not trained not to jump up on people.  All pets are invited to spend time with our family in our main living areas to hang out and feel like they are in their "home away from home".  In addition, we have rooms dedicated exclusively for our guests' use.  We reserve the right to crate any animal at our discretion.

We always keep the safety and best interest of our charges as our top priority when they are in our care.

What happens to those dogs that just don't get along well with others? 

We know not EVERY dog is going to fit in socially every time based on which guests are here and their own personalities. In these circumstances, we have plenty of room to provide a rotation system where everyone still gets plenty of freedom, but remains safe and not stressed. 

What should I bring with me for a Boarding Stay? Day of Daycare? 

For boarding, we highly recommend you bring the food they are eating now. Even though we can provide a very high quality food should you leave yours behind, we see far fewer tummy upsets when the pet remains on the food they have been eating at home. Please don't add canned food to your pet's regular food if they are not already eating it at home. This adds to tummy upset. 

Feel free to bring any comfort items your pet may enjoy during their stay, such as a t-shirt of Mom's or Dad's, a special toy or blanket or treats. We provide bedding, bowls, toys, treats, etc. so whatever the minimum amount to make your pet feel happy is what is recommended. Please note items brought may be shared and/or lost during their stay although we make every effort to keep this from happening. If you find you are missing any items upon your pet's return home, let us know and we will check our "lost and found" and make arrangements to get the item back to you and your pet if we are able to locate it.  

Daycare dogs may be provided a lunch or snack from home if they desire to be served during our break-time(s). All pets should come with a form of identification such as a tag or microchip for either boarding or daycare. No choke or chain collars allowed at any time.

What is required for my dog(s) to attend Daycare or to Stay over for a Boarding Stay? 

Pets must be current on vaccinations and provide proof prior to attending. We require Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella (Kennel cough) to be up-to-date. Please note that Bordetella does not routinely come with a yearly vaccination package and must be given every 6 MONTHS, not yearly to be the most effective, although we only require it once a year. 

The completed required Pawsome Adventure forms must also be submitted either prior to attendance or at the time of check-in.

Pets also must come with some form of identification on them either via tag or embroidered collar or microchip. This is to protect them should one of our barriers unexpectedly fail. We inspect them regularly and use double fencing in areas directly leaving our property, but unfortunately nothing is fool-proof.

We highly recommend they are on flea/tick preventative as well as a heartworm preventative . (We reserve the right to treat for fleas and ticks at owner's expense). We are situated on a lake with a year-round mosquito population, therefore preventative is important to avoid contracting heartworms (carried by mosquitos) and to avoid costly and hazardous treatment for your pet. We prefer your pet to have a quick buckle release collar, again for their safety. Should they get entangled with an object or another dog, this gives us a quick way to release them without having to use a cutting instrument (Note- during an emergency entanglement, we will not hesitate to cut the collar off of your pet to ensure their airway isn't compromised if the quick release buckle fails or is inaccessible). Use of collars and harnesses while in our care is at the discretion of Pawsome Adventures. Choker type collars and collars unable to be cut easily through, such as chain may not be worn during their stay at anytime here at Pawsome Adventures.

How many dogs can you accommodate? 

We pride ourselves with giving personalized attention and the ability to allow much more freedom than the average kennel or doggy bed and breakfast. Therefore, we will not take on more dogs than we can provide a full experience for. Depending on the size of the dogs that are booked at any given time we aim to take no more than 12-15 dogs during regular situations and up to 20 during major holidays for boarding to ensure our quality to attention remains to the highest standards and that each pet receives the individualized attention they deserve. Note that during high volume boarding times, daycare is subject to be cancelled to make sure we don't have too many dogs to safely care for. We strive to maintain the high quality care pet parents have come to expect from Pawsome Adventures. During peak boarding times, we recommend that you BOOK EARLY to ensure your spot for your pet. Once we are full, we are full, unless we have a cancellation. Reservations can be easily made on-line!

Do you require a deposit? What is your cancellation policy? 

We do not require a deposit to book a boarding stay with us. If  however reservations are made to board during a recognized holiday or anytime during our winter holiday season, a $50 cancellation fee per dog will be charged. We regret that we must do this as we do understand that sometimes plans unexpectedly change, but due to our intimate operation we must. We ask that you give us notice as soon as your plans change. Our winter holiday season this year runs from November 16, 2018-January 7, 2019.

How are daily charges calculated? 

Charges are calculated by calendar day, NOT per night. For example a stay from August 1, 2017-August 7, 2017 equals 7 days. August 1st is counted as day 1 regardless of check-in time. Days continue to be counted after 6:30pm of each day (closing time). August 7 therefore is day 7, regardless of check-out time with the following exception. A scheduled check-out time between 7am-9am  on the last boarding day will avoid the being charged for an additional day, however anytime after 9am an additional day will be added. This is similar to how a hotel operates. If you leave after check out time then you are charged for another day regardless if you spend the night or not. Please feel free to ask for clarification and/or an estimate prior to booking a stay.

What forms of payment do you accept? 

We accept check, cash, PayPal, money order or credit card ***Please make all checks/money orders payable to: Trilogy Ventures. PayPal address to use is [email protected] We are happy to provide you with a receipt upon request. 

There is a $35 service charge for all returned checks.